Dr. Deepti Sadhwani

Dr. Deepti Sadhwani

Internal & Bariatric Medicine

Dr. Deepti Sadhwani is respected around the world for her work as a nutritional and weight management expert. As a double Board Certified Internal and Bariatric Physician she specializes in disease prevention and reversal of most diseases.

She has immersed herself into our community through improving the lives of underserved seniors and being a part of bringing healthy eating programs into our schools. Always making herself available to better the health of all people, Dr. Deepti and her children founded an organization, H.O.P.E, dedicated to the well being of mankind by educating the vital importance of proper nutrition for optimum health.

Dr. Deepti is laser focused on each patient and their individual medical issues. Never depending on the textbook answer to be totally accurate, she really listens to her patients and how they describe their symptoms. Then she determines what will resolve their issues. She is passionate about her patients understanding how they contribute to their wellness and their illnesses by their lifestyle and nutrition habits. Usually with simple adjustments and taking the right supplements her patients see significant improvement in their health, energy levels, weight, and sex lives.

Dedicated to research of the processes of understanding the relationship between nutrition and metabolism has led Dr. Deepti to change the lives of thousands that suffered unnecessarily from diabetes, heart disease, male and female hormonal issues, joint pain, migraine headaches, weight gain, and diminished sex drives.

In most cases the amount of prescription drugs that her patients were taking is significantly reduced or eliminated all together.

Practicing medicine is one thing; it is when your sole motivation is driven by passion that sets you apart from the rest of the profession. Dr. Deepti is that remarkable physician. Dedicated to humanity, this doctor practices medicine with an immeasurable level of compassion. There are very few doctors of this caliber. Fueled by passion, she never stops thinking about her patients and the answers to how to improve their quality of life. An important aspect of being her patient is understanding that she will provide you with the tools to be successful in achieving maximum health levels but it is you that must follow through.

Work Experience

Quality Health Care, Internal Medicine & Bariatric Medicine (1998 – present)

Emergency Medicine (1993 – 1994)

Gynecology & Family Practice  (1988 – 1992)