5 Ways to Stay Healthy this Halloween

Halloween is here and it doesn’t have to be a dieting nightmare. Here are a few tricks to take the fright out of dealing with all those treats and how choosing the right indulgence won’t keep you running back for more!

  1. Schedule a workout on the morning of Halloween. Whether you plan on hitting parties and imbibing or escorting your little ones for some trick-or-treating, make sure to schedule some time for exercise on Halloween day. Aim for the morning so that you get it out of the way and don’t find excuses for skipping the workout.
  2. Strive for balance. Load up on protein and fiber all day long, so that you’re not feeling hungry be the time your get started with your Halloween activities. At your event, fill three quarters of your plate with healthy choices such as veggies and leave only a quarter free for treats.
  3. Hydrate. Proper hydration is key to all diets and programs for weight management. Be sure to take extra Fish Oil if you’ll be binging during Halloween. When you attend special events or are going to be around lots of tempting treats, drink lots of water to fill you up. This is even more essential if you plan to have alcoholic drinks.
  4. Buy your least favorite candy. If you plan to stay home and hand out candy, buy types that you don’t really like. You’ll be less tempted to get off track.
  5. Buy treats on Halloween day. Don’t hit the store early and have bags of candy sitting on your shelves for days on end. Go at the last possible minute—as in the day of. In addition to minimizing temptation, you’ll get your treats on sale as well.

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